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Namaste! Thanks for taking the time to read about us. Yhicey&Hawt Incorporated was founded in Summer 2012 and Incorporated Fall 2017 by Nicole Martinez, also known as, Yhicey Nicole Hawt. The purpose of this corporation is to offer opportunities to the urban ethnic youth and young adults'. Opportunities for training, education, self-branding, and employment opportunities within the arts & entertainment industry, where they may not seem "reachable". We focus on the new and aspiring talents, providing professional one on one and group sessions; teaching basic Model etiquette, Runway walks, Casting call manners to Beginners Ballet and Hip-Hop, tumbling, Personal training, and nutrition guides.  While also assuring they're knowledgeable in industry terms, lingo, contract understanding, booking a gig, differences between Agents & Managers, Go Sees, Open calls, Runway vs Commercial, and more. 


We pride ourselves in providing the most outstanding branding and learning experience. We also focus on our weaknesses so they may be molded into our biggest strengths. We want to assure ALL our talents are not only taught the 'know how' within this industry, they are also taught how to carry ones' self as a respected individual within our community. Manners, Class, Chivalry, and Principles are top priority! BUT, we have fun, do our job, and enjoy every moment of it along the way. Our professionals are certified and highly trained. We teach our talent that "no matter what they set their minds to, they WILL achieve."  

Yhicey&Hawt Inc works as, somewhat, of an agency. However, our key difference is our talents are not bound to us for years on end and we strongly believe in SELF BRANDING. Each talent has the opportunity to create their own brand within their own genre of art and/or entertainment.  We provide them with the tools and resources to kick-start their career while developing relationship bridges with experienced professionals within the industry who book and hire our talents for paid work, and we help them market their brand at the same time. Our goal is to help kick start each individuals own self owned business. we want to help build up futures in all aspects.  


So you too can work for yourself. No matter if you're looking to become a top model or a scouting agent or even a hairdresser. There's a place for everyone in the Yhicey&Hawt Family. 


Stay true! Stay Beautiful! Stay YOU! 


Yhicey&Hawt Team 


"United by our differences, the differences we call flaws"


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